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Jordan, Thank you so much for making this experience so much fun and for helping to create such a beautiful home for our family. We couldn’t have asked for a better superintendent.
Marnie & Michael R.

Jordan, Thank you for all you do! Our home is as great as it is because of your focus, attention and commitment. We are so grateful to have had the privilege of working with you.
Andy, Kristen, Collin & Kate

Jordan, Thank you so much for the knowledge, care and attention to detail throughout the process of building our new home. It was a very positive process and great result because of your diligence!
George & Marti G.

Jordan –
We just wanted to thank you so much for everything you have done for us! You have never failed to pick up the phone no matter when or how many times we’ve called and you have always taken care of any matter we brought up and we really appreciate that!
The house is absolutely beautiful and exactly what we wanted and we know that it couldn’t have happened without you!
Jason & Esther K.

We built a custom home with Ades Design Builders beginning in 2012. The project came in on time and on budget and the professionals in the group are great to work with. This was our first experience building a home and it was a great one. Andy, the owner of the group, is experienced, knowledgeable and honest. Jordan, the project manager, is one of the most talented people I have met. I don’t think I would be willing to ever build a house again if Jordan wasn’t running the project. Michelle runs the office and is smart, organized and efficient. I would highly recommend this team of professionals to anyone looking to build a home.
David & Tricia Morgan

John and I have built two homes over the last 6 years with Jordan Kahn as our General Contractor. Jordan patiently takes the time to understand the overall goal for the project and helps creates a plan specifically tied to meeting your needs. He communicates frequently and clearly thru each stage of the project and keeps you on track to make key decisions in a timely manner. Jordan connects you with each member of his sub-contractor team and holds them accountable to deliver outstanding customer service and a superior product.

Jordan’s expertise and experience are invaluable as you work thru various stages of the build. It can be hard to imagine how certain parts of a custom home will turn out just by looking at a 2 dimensional plan. Jordan’s advice helped us make many correct decisions when changes needed to be made which lowered our stress level. We were always confident that Jordan’s advice was in our best interest.

We have also appreciated Jordan’s prompt resolution of our post-build checklist. He wants to ensure homebuyers are completely satisfied with the final product and able to fully enjoy their new home. Jordan is a fair and honest custom home builder that has made our home designs a reality and supported an enjoyable experience along the way. We live in a subdivision that offers the choice of many custom home builders; however, we know that Jordan is the only choice for our next project and look forward to his guidance on the next build.

Jamie & John

To the Perspective Home Builder:

In writing this letter of reference for Jordon Kahn, please let it first be known that I do not take writing a letter of reference lightly. Typically, I write letters of reference for only those that I consider to be in very top tier of their profession. Jordon Kahn is clearly one of those individuals.

Having built three custom homes in the last twenty years, my recent experience with Jordon in building my latest custom home was beyond reproach for the following reasons:

Communication, organization and timelines: In building a multi-million-dollar home, the communication, organization and timelines are the most critical aspect. To that end, Jordon runs a tight ship. Jordon is an extremely proactive communicator, and never leaves the homeowner guessing on what is taking place. Calls are either answered or returned promptly, as are emails and text messages. Jordon’s management of the sub-contractors is like a well-rehearsed orchestra, with each sub-contractor understanding the expectations, and moving in unison with each other. The sub-contractors clearly know that Jordon has an amazing attention to detail, and that he (Jordon) will be inspecting their work every step of the way, and that no detail is too small to “fuss” over if not done correctly. Jordon maintains an exact timeline of all deliverables, and if for some reason a timeline will not be meant, he will proactively communicate why the timeline is not being meant, how it is being rectified, and the new timeline deliverable. His balancing timelines during the spring, summer, and fall of Covid was amazing!

Attitude when it comes to the home builder making changes mid-build: Jordon’s even keel personality, is perhaps the number one reason my experience in building the recent home was not only stress free, but highly enjoyable. Jordon clearly has the expectation that the home builder will have changes during the build, and perhaps several changes. Jordon embraces input from the home builder and has the ability to add creative ideas when changes are expressed. Jordon will actively work with the sub-contractors on any agreed upon changes. That being said, since Jordon is so well versed in custom home building, should he disagree, he will not shy away from that discussion. He will explain his perspective in a clear and concise manner, giving the home builder the needed knowledge to make sure they are making good decisions. At the end of the day, Jordon fully understands the final decision is the home builders to make.

Style, attention to detail, and a futuristic mind’s eye: Jordon has an amazing sense of style, which comes from his many years of custom home building. He is well versed on the latest trends, regardless of the “style” of the home being built. He has a simply amazing futuristic mind’s eye, and the ability to convey that to the home builder. What does this mean? It means that Jordon can foresee and translate what the Architect has laid out on paper, to the home builder, and paint in the home builder’s mind’s eye, how the certain aspects of the home will look, prior to that aspect actually being built. He does this by meeting the home builder on-site (as often as need be), and spending time going through the detail. He may direct the home builder to another house further along in the building process or refer to photos (he must have thousands on his iPhone, and he seems to know where each and every one is located) of his numerous projects over the years. Jordon’s attention to detail is second to none, and he will spend as much time with the sub-contractors, to ensure the home builder’s expectations are being surpassed.

In summary, my experience with Jordon was second to none. I offer my contact information as follows, should anyone wish to get ahold of me for further questions:

Thank you,

Tom Cardella

We worked with Jordan two years ago when we built a new house in Back Country, Highlands Ranch. We were gone about five months of the year to our condo in San Diego and never worried for a minute that Jordan wouldn’t take care of everything and keep us informed on the progress. He was always available and responded to any concerns or questions we had. Even now, two years later, we can contact him with any problems that develop, and he responds promptly.

As a contractor, Jordan has a very effective way of dealing with subcontractors who respect him and know his high standards. We have built many houses, but this is the first one that has finished ahead of time.

If you want efficiency, quality workmanship and someone with a great personality to work with, Jordan is your man. We recommend him highly.

Dick and Pat Korpan